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After his wanderings in the lands of Anrea, Hasrinaxx has acquired a number of new spells to help him on his latest quest. This succinct set of spells allows him to create and aid an army of Golems to once again liberate the land of Belorn.

The spells available to Hasrinaxx are limited to the herbs and minerals that can be found in the lands around him. He must recognise these in order to obtain as much magic as possible.

Create Golem

This is the most important spell, to create a Golem. Depending where it is cast, soft elemental Golems can be created. These can then in turn be employed to create more sturdy Golems.

Hasrinaxx must collect Magoem, a powdered clay from the sticky highland marshes, which has many effects that reflects its complicated make-up. It has been used in other lands to create far more magical creatures than Golems.

Repair Golem

Although Golems have a much greater resilience than Hasrinaxx, they do take damage from their encounters of Acamantor's agents. So this spell can be used to repair them, before it is too late. This is a lot more efficient than building a new Golem.

This spell comes from crushing Calotis, a rare mineral found as small green stones, mildly poisonous if swallowed (to humans) but increases body functions.

Excorcise Golem

Golems being mainly empty vessels, they are very prone to being possessed by the agents of Acamantor. When this happens a Golem against you is a bad thing indeed. So this spell can be used to revert the Golem, or else Hasrinaxx will just have to destroy it himself.

Fanveer has been grown by farming families for many Ora alongside their crops to help prevent blight. When harvested and milled, it is made into a white powder of exceptional purity and used for curing most diseases and pains.

Invisible Golem

Apart from zombies, which are only interested in human flesh, Golems attract the unwanted attention of their foes all too easily. This spell allows them to pass by undetected, to perform their assigned task.

Black crystals of Churl are found in the northern regions of Anrea, and luckily also in the lands of Belorn, and they have considerable control over the mind when properly directed.

Enchant Wood

Unfortunately consumption of the natural resources is required to battle the foes of Belorn, and these become more limited as Hasrinaxx approaches the lair of Acamantor. This spell enables a single tree to provide the wood of a forest.

In its raw form, Acrus is a yellow foul-smelling liquid. This had for many Ora stopped its true usefulness from being discovered.

Enchant Water

The enchanting of lakes in Belorn allows the transformation of some Golems for other practical uses.

The mushroom Cadoam is found under rotting vegetation in shaded woods. When used in casting it can produce remarkable behaviour changes in all animals, or even Golems.

Enchant Fire

Many items can be transformed by the forge of hot flames, especially if those flames have been enchanted by this spell.

Rasgon is found as a bulbous root hiding beneath farm crops, it feeds on them as a parasite. It has a slight poisonous content.

Create Teleport

In other lands Arolig is usually used to help flight, but Hasrinaxx has used his affinity with nature to create portals in trees with this spell.

The red berries of Arolig usually grow at the edges of cultivated land, and since the arrival of Acamantor these are rare to find, so use wisely.


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