A Druid Returns

Hasrinaxx the Druid returns to the video game screen after two decades from his 8 bit glory days. He has made the transition from 3 colour sprite to 3D polygon wonderment. Now fully animated by the Venom engine, he is ready to help the people of Belorn to yet again to take on the evil forces of Acamantor.

But this time it is going to be harder than ever, so he needs help, and he is bringing it as an army, of Golems. During his absence Hasrinaxx has learnt how to control many Golems at once, he can even get them to build Golems he can't conjure up himself.

Golem Crusades is a fantasy shooter with real time strategy. The player is in the thick of action, under constant attack and a pocket of spells for defence. At the same time the player must command a legion of golems to retake the land back over 10 levels.

The play area is viewed from a 3/4 top down point of view. This allows you to percieve the immediate area around the Druid and issue commands to Golems. Unlike most other RTS games, you must fight your way to your troops to issue new commands, so you need to think things out in advance to make the most of your trekking.


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