The Cast (A-Z)


The Prince of Evil himself, who wishes to cross over to the land of Belorn and enslave it with his vast underworld army. He is the oldest and most deadliest enemy of man and only Hasrinaxx stands in his way.


Granite rocks smoothed by the rains of Belorn. These are a useful raw material for building hardier combat Golems.

Clay Golem

A one-man factory, the builder Clay Golem can construct combat Golems and other structures by supplying him materials from mining and harvesting. He is the most useful and at home stoking the furnaces of unpossessed houses.

Clay Golems are created by casting Magoem on the clay soil of the well trodden surrounds of a dwelling.


Acamantor's henchmen act independently, but make swift attacks in groups. Fiendishly crafty and fearsome combatants they are cowards at heart and are afraid of powerful sources of light. Appear in higher lands due to the volcanic surrounds of Belorn.


The villager dwellings and outposts of Belorn are the essence of controlling the land. Both Hasrinaxx and Acamantor must fight for ownership of these huts, to either liberate or possess the land.

Clay Golems require unpossessed huts for making Golems, but in the hands of Acamantor's army, these are used to spawn evil.


Ghosts are lost souls spawned from possessed huts, having no physical body they can move fast and freely but are weak. Cautious at heart, they swoop around targets before attacking. Ghosts take advantage of weak minded Golems and wreak more havoc if possessing them.

Granite Golem

A Combat Golem tough as rock, made from granite boulders. They are harder than Wood Golems but move much slower and take longer to build.


Hasrinaxx the Druid is the oldest resident of Belorn, but spends most of his time searching the land Anrea for new spells, and crafting his skills in his war against the forces of evil.


Some lands have a Henge, a holy, cleansing place for Druids to provide sanctuary, as no un-living thing can enter. Unfortunately this also prevents Golems from entering and no magic can be cast inside the sacred circle of stones.

Herbs and Spells

Specialist herbs need to be collected when used for spells . The most important herb is Magoem, required to make Golems, but other spells will be required to protect and help the Golems on their crusade. There is an entire spell page listing here.


In the highlands of Belorn, hardier Marble becomes more common than Granite, but can be mined for a similar use.

Marble Golem

With bodies made from slabs of pure marble, the toughest, heaviest and slowest of Combat Golems pack an awful hard punch.

Mud Golem

The Mud Golem is the most versatile of mining Golems. It is the only one which can mine rock, but its the slowest in delivering it's cargo. It is the most easily created Golem by casting on grass or bracken.

Sand Golem

A useful harvesting Golem cast from the shores of Belorn. Can be a good choice as a body guard due to it's speed, but has low resilience to attack if separated from others.


Beware Acamantor's intelligent fighting troops, they know when to retreat and when to attack, picking targets swiftly but cunningly. When their number's build they will group into conquering squads and send out Beserker skeletons to attack dwellings directly with large war hammers.


Spiders are natural inhabitants of Belorn, but have been infected and mutated by Acamantor's all consuming evil that plagues the land.


The forests of Belorn can be harvested to create Golems and other items. Only certain trees are suitable for harvesting.

A Druid's bond with nature also lets him use trees as teleporting portals, when enchanted with the correct spell.

Water Golem

A wet, swampy harvesting Golem that is created by casting Magoem into water. Water Golems are good all rounders, moving in their natural habitat with ease and able to harvest trees.

Wood Golem

Thick as two planks, but hard as nails, this combat Golem is the fastest to build and move but there are harder Golems out there. A Clay Golem needs an entire tree trunk to build one Wood Golem.


Wraiths are crazed, tortured spirits summoned from the depths of Hell once all huts in a land are possessed. Extremely deadly, they are Acamantor's final weapon in creating a Hell on Earth.


Zombies are the raised dead from the villages of Belorn. Used by Acamantor to defend his entrenchments, these former people are slow but are hungered by Hasrinaxx's lifeforce.


And there is more to discover if you play Golem Crusades.


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