Golem Crusades Tutorial Video06-May-10

A video tutorial of how to complete the first level posted here.

Media Pack 112-April-10

A Media Pack which has information for the press has been released, available from this site.

Video Development Blog10-April-10

A series of short video takes during the development of Golem Crusades has been published on You Tube. This is an on-going blog, so make sure you visit it frequently for updates, or even better subscribe.

Spells listed29-Mar-10

The spells of Golem Crusades have been described here. Golem Crusades uses a few succinct spells to allow Hasrinaxx to make and aid an army of Golems.

Venom Engine Detailed28-Mar-10

The engine technology behind Golem Crusades has been described here, giving an insight to how the technique of deferred rendering is done.

Golem Crusades Sneak Peek15-Mar-10

A small teaser video has been posted here, showing work in progress on Golem Crusades.

Golem Crusades Announced28-Jan-10

PRESS RELEASE: Hasrinaxx the Druid returns to the video game screen after two decades from his 8 bit glory days. He has made the transition from 3 colour sprite to 3D polygon wonderment, now fully animated, he is ready to help the people of Belorn to yet again to take on the evil forces of Acamantor.


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